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We enjoy group play time in the yard and Break time on the back patio.

Every Dog Family has their own kennel and are in the same play groups unless otherwise advised or size difference. Dogs are let out in the mornings around 6-8 am and fed at that time as well. They then, weather permitting, are put into play groups outside. They are rotated between indoor kennels and playgroups outside the rest of the day. When evening rolls around 5-7 pm we do another Playgroup time then it's meal time as soon as we. Depending on the evening outside Play areas or indoor kennels until bedtime which is normally around 10 pm for last potty break.

Our Small boarding room, my grooming room, has Heat and A/C. Our Large Dog Boarding area Does have Heat and an A/C unit and we also use fans set up in each kennel to increase the air flow.

*Please bring in vaccination records.

-Dogs we require Distemper and Rabies. We recommend Bordetella ( Aka Kennel Cough). We also recommend a Flea and tick medication (Nexgard, Frontline are our favorites you can purchase from your Veterinarian).

Pet Boarding, Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding is something we don't do often, but make accommodations as needed. We use Wire Kennels that we have made shelf's for to give the cats an elevated area to enjoy the dog entertainment and to take their cat naps on. In the evenings, as long as the dogs kenneled in the room are not Cat aggressive we allow cats from the same family to roam free overnight. We only allow overnight so we don't have to worry about an escape cat when people open the door.

For those extra nervous cats we also can set up a kennel (ferret Cage) in the Basement of the house when needed.

*Please bring in vaccination records

-Cats we require Distemper and Rabies. We also recommend Feline leukemia vaccination, but this needs a negative FELV test prior to receiving a vaccine.

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